How To install OS X and XP without USB-Stick or USB-DVD

January 1, 2009

A lot of people have bought a usb-dvd just to install OSX. But if you follow this guide you won’t need a usb-dvd,
it’s not even necessary to use a usb-stick.
Things you need:
1. A Msi Wind running xp, (you don’t need a real mac.)
2. The MSIwindosx86.iso
3. partition software (I use partition Magic)
4. Leopard hd install helper
When you have downloaded all these things, and have
them installed on your wind we are ready to begin.
Partitioning your drive:
1. You delete all partitions Also the recovery partition! (except your windows partition)
2. You create a primary fat32 partition, and label it “OSX”
You decide how much space you are going to give your
osx partition (at least 15 gb).
3. Then you create a logical fat32 partition and label it “install”
(Make this a 4gb partition.)
Now we are going to use the Leopard hd install helper.
1. Open the file called ddmac.exe:
2. Push this button.
3. Find your MSIwindosx86.iso and open it.
4. Choose the partition you labeled “install”. Then push the button and wait(ca. 10min.)
5. Your now finished using the Leopard hd install helper.
Reboot and follow my guide on youtube.
Or follow this text-Guide
1. Reboot then choose “MAC OS X System”
2. Choose “MAC OS X Install DVD Slipstream”
3. Now your in the installer choose english as your language.
4. Click on the Utilities and choose diskutility.
5. Choose the partition you labeled “OSX”
6. Click the erase button and change the format from “MS-DOS”
to “MAC OSX extended (journaled)” and format the partition.
7. Now quit the DiskUtility and go back to the language chooser
8. Then click continue untill you reach the screen where you have to
choose your partition (Choose the partition you labeled “OSX”)
9. Before you click install go into Customize and uncheck the kernel.
10. Now click install and wait untill the installer reboots your wind.
11. When you reboot choose the partition labeled “OSX”
12. Now you just follow the steps in the installer.
You shouldn’t use this guide unless you know how to reinstall your xp installation if something goes wrong!
Now you have a Wind dualbooting XP and OSX without using a usb-dvd
or a usb-stick.

Msi Wind Forums • View topic – How To install Osx with xp and WITHOUT usb-stick or usb-dvd


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