News New Real Time VST Looper

January 1, 2009


New Real Time VST Looper
Loop away captain

Accoring to, LOOPmaster is the "the most intuitive multi-track, real time loop recorder ever made. "

That’s quite a claim, in fact what LOOPmaster can do is recod up to four, one minute loops from inside you VST host program. They go on to say that "LOOPmaster is ideal to use both live and also to record multi-track loops that can be sequenced together with your favorite computer based audio sequencer or hardware sampler. For maximum flexibility, LOOPmaster comes packaged as a VST plug in. Download LOOPmaster and be recording multi-track loops in almost no time. "


  • real time reverse and remix functions.
  • save all tracks of your loop with the touch of a button
  • records loops of up to 1 minute long with up to 4 tracks.
  • overdub to record multiple passes on one track
  • can be controlled from a standard midi keyboard, a programmable midi controller, or a midi sequence.

Available for free download now (PC only, requires registration) at:

Sonic State – News New Real Time VST Looper, records and plays up to four


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