Windows 7 "Pre-Beta" Build 7004

January 1, 2009


Windows 7 : Windows 7 “Pre-Beta” Build 7004

Windows 7 “Pre-Beta” Build 7004 – Scott Wylie, Microsoft’s New Zealand Director of Development and Platform Strategy, wrote today on his blog about his experience installing a pre-beta build of Windows 7 on his home laptop.

It is interesting to note that the pre-beta build of Windows 7 installed on his home laptop seems to be build 7004, which if the term “pre-beta” is accurate would indicate that Windows 7 beta one will be some build number higher than 7004. On the blogosphere the general consensus has been that beta one would be build 7000.0.081212-1400 which the following screen shot from Scott’s laptop could indicate is inaccurate.

According to Windows 7 News the build shown above is 7004.0.081203-1830 which would indicate that this build was created on December 3rd at 18:30, this build could be from the Release Candidate (RC) branch. We therefore could still see build 7000.0.081212-1400 as the beta which would have been built on December 12th at 14:00.[Via Intel]

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