M-Audio Torq updated to v1.5, various improvements to the DJ software

January 2, 2009


M-Audio has released version 1.5 of Torq, the DJ software for Mac OS X and Windows.

Torq is a fully equipped DJ software workstation that provides innovative tools and production power to set you apart from everyone else. In addition to essential cueing, beat-matching and mixing, Torq goes beyond all other DJ applications by offering a host of real-time creative options unavailable anywhere else.

M-Audio Torq v1.5

New in Torq v1.5

  • Improved Tempo/Pitch Alteration – Tempo Anchors, Tempo Master, zPlane Elastique time-stretching/compression technology.
  • Advanced MIDI Control – send/receive MIDI Clock.
  • New User Interface Features – a new toolbar and more.
  • Enhanced Effects Processing – effects chains for internal effects, VST effect tempo sync.
  • Rock-Solid Integration with Traditional DJ Hardware – Skip Protection, True Key Lock.
  • New Looping Functionality – Loop points after section plays, QuickLoop, quantize function.

The upgrade to Torq 1.5 is available now for $49.95 USD. Customers who purchased and registered their Torq Conectiv or Xponent hardware after January 17th, 2008 are eligible for a free upgrade.

Visit M-Audio for more information.

M-Audio Torq updated to v1.5, various improvements to the DJ software


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