The New Beatport launches!

January 24, 2009



One minute ago, the highly anticipated Beatport 4.0 launched and it’s ready to rock at

With a whole host of new features (the majority of which came from user requests), version 4 of Beatport is set to redefine the way electronic music fans find and buy their music.

Beatport 4.0: Features List

Here’s the full list of new features available in Beatport 4.0.

New Player

*New player offers 2-minute previews, with track scrubbing, volume control and a track queue.

*Track history whilst browsing session.

*Preview all the tracks in a release or a chart by clicking one button, with up to 200 tracks available to queue.

*Scroll through playlist, edit in bulk and add selected tracks to crate while keeping them in the player.

*Buy or delete all tracks in your player in one go.

Interface Upgrades

*Docking functionality – both playlist and My Beatport can be docked on either side or on top of each other for easy viewing

*Enlarged content filters that are vertically stacked for easy access.

*Browser Back and Forward buttons now work, mouse scrolling too

*Play all button to charts and homepage

*Expand top downloads on homepage and genre page

*Keyboard commands for playback and purchasing

*Increased font size and color contrast for easy viewing

*View All, Classics, New Releases and Just Added filters in the left hand navigation

*DJ mixes easy to find – search by genre, label or artist.

*Drop down list of content to filter mixes

More powerful My Beatport

*Upgraded My Beatport user tool with features that allow you to manage favorites, have more subscribing power, and tag favorite artists and labels

*All music with new release dots go to the top of My Beatport

*Add as many labels and artists as you’d like

*Go back to up to 8 weeks in the past to check for new releases

*Add favorites from any artist or label page

*From any release detail you can add favorites

New hold bin, improved check out and crate system

*Hold bin feature allows you to save ‘maybe’ purchases for later.

*New and improved crate.

Artwork, higher quality previews

*Embedded artwork into mp3s

*96k quality previews

Links and RSS

*Ability to link to every single page on Beatport

*Use direct link to market your own and track your favorite releases

Bug fixes

Plus many bugs have been fixed.


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