Ableton Live: Effortless Remote Collaboration

January 31, 2009

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Share your Live Sets with others via the web and make beautiful music together. Live 8 introduces a simple and intelligent solution for online musical collaboration streamlining the sharing process with one-click sharing and loading, a simple system of setting access permission, speedy transfers and no issues with external plug-ins and instruments.

Key features

  • One click upload: select “Share Live Set” in the menu and Live automatically gathers and transmits the entire Live Set.
  • One click download: open shared Sets from the web with a single click.
  • Uploads and downloads happen in the background, so you can keep making music.
  • Manage your Live Sets online: You control who can access your Set. Keep access exclusive to your bandmates and producer, or go public and share your Set with the entire Live community.
  • Intelligent file transfer ignores duplicate files and recognizes changes in a Set. Live transmits only new or modified material, minimizing transfer times.
  • Avoid plug-in issues: Automatically freeze tracks that use plug-ins and virtual instruments, so people can still use your Set if they don’t own all your plug-ins.
  • Collaborate even with non-Live users: Non-Live users get a time-limited version of Live for free if you share a Set with them.


Beta testing is expected to start before the end of the first quarter of 2009. Pricing information is currently unavailable.
Got questions? Answers to many questions can be found on this FAQ page.


One Response to “Ableton Live: Effortless Remote Collaboration”

  1. Southern Studio Boy Says:

    thats so awesome!

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