April 28, 2009
It doesn’t matter if you produce at a homestudio or a Pro one, the bottom line is that we’re talking about YOUR ohm studio, the place where your imagination just flows and your sonic creations see the daylight/moonlight for the first time. But how do you use the Ohm Force plugins? How do they help you to give your personal touch to your audio tracks? What Ohm tricks & threats have you already learnt and/or created, from the most known and used to the secret techniques you keep for the *right* moments? In this contest you’ll be able to share your ohm studio techniques with all the ohmfriends around the world. And maybe get ahuge prize kit in reward (see full prize list below).rules-blog1

There is not an approach requirement : it could be the traditional ‘video tutorial’ format, a ‘hands on’ overview, or even just you (or you and your band, partners, friends) showing how do you use the Ohm Force plugins in your music, in real life (an example). The more real, useful and interesting, the better; so the more will be your chances to put your hands in one of those cool prize kits. We want to see you working on your ohm studio, show it for us !

Want a good reason to already start thinking on a scenery for your nice video? There is a instant-prize : all accepted submissions already win 1 Ohm Force plugin of choice, for free, no strings attached. So you see it’s not about winners and losers, it’s about having some fun with what we all love: make music !


You already know that the Ohm Force plug-ins are the best favor you could do to your music creation, but what are the other prizes? They have been kind offered by some great software and press editors:


Puremagnetik is a pioneering subscription service for downloading sound content in Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic formats. Developed by experienced industry sound designers, Puremagnetik publishes compact and powerful Micropaks® on a monthly basis. With an ever-increasing catalog of innovative products, Puremagnetik offers a unique and affordable way for music producers to expand their collection of sounds over time.


FXpansion Guru takes the best features of hardware beatboxes, drum samplers and loop manglers, and combines them into a unique, inspirational software instrument. Based in the UK, FXpansion has established a growing range of innovative and original products which have consistently won awards from leading industry press. FXpansion’s mission is to push the boundaries of audio software technology and open new doors in the music production process – at the same time, presenting accessible, creative yet logical user interfaces.


MusicTech Focus is a series of high-quality, 132-page bookazines concentrating on a single software platform or technique. Each issue is full of walkthroughs, features, user interviews and relevant reviews. Plus, there’s a DVD with sounds, video tutorials, demos and workshop resources.  The Ohm Force cohmpetition prize ‘collection’ comprises 6 Music Tech Focus editions covering: Ableton Live, Reason, Logic Pro, Cubase, Mastering and Pro Tools.


Since 2003 Mutekki Media is reliably providing the market with sample libraries for various scopes of audio production. If it’s state-of-the-art Loops, Drums, FX, Bass or Synth Sounds you’re looking for, we’re specialized in offering the sample material you need for nearly all aspects of electronic music such as House, Techno, Electro and Trance, with a constant eye on current movements such as Minimal or Deep House. Each library is brought to life with the demand on highest quality, passion and more than a decade of knowledge in professional studio production and mastering.


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