CupCake CNC build, part 5: Pulley & enclosure finishing

December 5, 2009

It’s been a while since my last build journal, mostly because the finish takes a few days to apply, and yet another few days to fully cure. I’m just happy it’s now done! I want to start building… and printing!

First up, assembling the pulleys. If you purchased a kit, it includes a set of 3D-printed pulleys. This makes the pulleys really easy to assemble. However, there are a few tips and tricks that I’ll cover.

First, make sure there are no extra bits of plastic in the pulley opening. If there are, carefully scrape them off with a hobby knife. Next, use one of the screws from the hardware burrito, along with a nut, to help push the bearing into the pulley. Screw the nut onto the bolt about 1/4″ and then press the bolt head firmly until the bearing is completely seated. It’s a snug fit, but you should be able to press it in fairly easily.

That’s it! All the pulleys are assembled. If you are making your own pulleys from laser cut parts, check out this guide. Now it’s time to apply a finish to your enclosure.

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