Masters Program in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation

December 7, 2009


The Biekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) in Karlskrona, Sweden is offering a new 2-year Master’s Program in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI). This program aims to prepare its students to be innovators who can create and manage solutions that will strategically lead us towards a sustainable society. Applications for international students are open from now through January 15th; if you are in Sweden, applications will open on March 15th. There are currently no tuition fees.

A brief summary follows, but be sure to visit the program’s website for specifics.

A product’s socio-ecological impacts are largely determined by decisions made during the early phases of the innovation process. These decisions can have positive and negative effects on society and the planet through the product’s life cycle. Because of this, the program aims to prepare its students to be systems innovators who can: create leap frog solutions that lead us strategically towards a sustainable society; manage a whole innovation process for sustainability – from need finding to ideation, design and implementation; and have a strategic approach based on systems thinking.


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