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Future Music – In the Studio with DJ Ian Carey

May 2, 2009

Another very good music production videos from Future Music Magazine “In the studio with…”. This time it’s a session with house producer / dj Ian Carey . As previously, the quality is not the best (especially video resolution is pretty low) but still you can hear some nice tips and overall see how the pro’s are doing :) Of course, you can subscribe / buy Future Music Magazine (I strongly recommend it) and then you can watch “In the studio with…” videos (usually, each issue has one new video) in much better resolution.

Drums (part I) (36 minutes)

Drums (part II) (22 minutes)

Ian Carey Bass Sound (5 minutes)

Mastering (9 minutes)


Ableton Live 8 Misuse: Ping Pong Psuedo Scratching Effect Video Tutorial

April 27, 2009
For all the emphasis on learning how to use creative tools the proper way, it’s often when youmisuse a feature that it really becomes a powerful tool. So, in the spirit of some of the “mistutorials” from Ableton’s own Dennis DeSantis, here’s our friend Michael Hatsis of New York’s Track Team Audio / Warper Party / Dubspot with a really unusual way to achieve scratching effects.
You know the Ping Pong effect for its clichéd, stereo-panning echo effects. But here, it goes an entirely different direction: now that Live 8 has added new delay modes, you can create some special effects that don’t sound like the typical effect. Mike manages to warp and bend Ping Pong into something that sounds a lot like scratching. He warns that “this is not meant to replace vinyl nor will it produce a totally authentic sounding scratch sound.” On the other hand, you start to get some sounds that are reminiscent of scratching but sound unique, which I think is a Very Good Thing.
Live 8 users, download the template:
There’s also some nice discussion happening over on the Ableton blog. (Main request: automation / dummy clips for more sound-warping power.)
Video: Total misuse of a ping pong delay – scratch effects
(And those of you Pd/Max/SuperCollider/Chuck/Reaktor users out there, maybe this will inspire some DIY effects along similar lines.)
Ableton Live 8 Creative Tutorial Videos: Using and Misusing Groove Extraction
Ableton Live 8 Creative Tutorial Videos: Misusing Frequency Shifter
(and, yes, much as I love Live 8, I welcome other tools, too – anyone interested in tutorials to request / tutorials you want to make?)

Ableton Live 8 Creative Tutorial Videos: Misusing Frequency Shifter

April 14, 2009